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10 days ago

Can someone please help me with the following in MUSCAT (assuming average lifestyle i.e. no lavish)? Rent for 3 bedroom apartment / Villa: Monthly groceries Schooling f...

11 days ago

Do I need to bring my own sleeping bag for this trip? On the packing checklist, it recommends sleeping bag and liner but on the Accommodation section, it states we're sleeping ...
In the UAE and have a dispute with my Employer, any reputable/recommended lawyers anyone knows about/have used for Labour law disputes?
Can anybody comment on an excursion to the Dead Sea either with a cruise ship or external tour company from Jerusalem? I'm a bit confused on where the better area of the Dead...

12 days ago

I am going to share with you all some of best Brunei Attractions names here and really hope that it would be really great to know about them fort you all. Sultan Omar Ali Sa...

13 days ago

Hello fellow TB peeps, I was looking at going on a month long backpacking trip to Egypt this September, but mostly to go diving. I've never been before and wanted to do some e...

15 days ago

I am working in Dubai and getting a new visa processed in a few months as I am moving jobs. I received a fine/record for having alcohol a few months back and was wondering if th...
Morning Folks! Has anyone seen anything further on this - or have any idea what the process is for registering wills? Or is it just another random announcement that won't ...
UAE: Social media users face jail for Qatar sympathy | UAE News | Al Jazeera Kind of reminds me why I never want to go back to the middle ages... er.... I mean the middle east.
Click on for information on viewing my video of Cape Town. Ron
Click on for information on viewing my video of Robben Island. Ron
Hi everyone. I posted some queries about travel in West Africa a while ago - presumably the world's hardest region for a traveler - and got useful comments from some of you. No...
Click on for information on viewing a video of my trip to Zululand. Ron
Click on for information on viewing a video of my visit to Kruger National Park. Ron

16 days ago

In the Egypt thread, I mentioned that aside from one genome from Ethiopia, we did not yet have ancient DNA from Sub-Saharan Africa. We now do, with a new study sequencing three...

17 days ago

Hi, Herculine! Kilimanjaro is SUCH a great experience! We did climb it last year, August 2016. A MA ZING. =) We travelled with Nyange Adventures:
Hi Everybody, In the itinerary description for my upcoming trip, it says that the trails through Kalinzu Forest Reserve that we will be taking on our chimpanzee tracking excurs...
Has anyone done the Kenya and Uganda Gorilla Adventure? I was set on this trip but having looked into the travelling times; there are a lot of LONG days on the bus. Is this wort...
Hello there everyone. My name is Alie. I am new here. I came across to this site when I was searching for Honeymoon vacations online. Me and my fiancé love to travel. So far we ...

18 days ago

Our cruise will stop in Bahrain, Oman, and Quatar. Did your cruise ship provide the visas? Qatar has "24 hrs no visa necessary", but the others have only 6 and 8 hours.
Why are flights from Dubai / Abu Dhabi to the UK so crazy expensive, compared to flying the other way?! Actually don't answer that. What I care about is how to save some...
Watch the movie Four Lions (dark British comedy) if you want to get an understanding about what's really happening in the UK with all these barbaric attacks, the latest being LB...

19 days ago

Dear Fellow Expats, I am looking to move to Dubai in a few months time from the UK. I wanted to understand the requirements of a mortgage process? Do i need to establish a ...

20 days ago

IS THAT TRUE any NBAD customers, who recieved international payment to their saving account from USD- AED or EUR-AED any charges fees and how long waiting did it came same day...
hey hey my flight to Dubai in 3 weeks time!! i came in conclusion to get saving account with NBAD any experience with them, i just heard they are using latest technology of cros...
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