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We are doing the Norwegian Epic transatlantic, with a stop at this island, and an improbable discussion (argument, lol) has arisen between my wife and I. Does this stop count as...
We will be in Abu Dhabi for several days before a cruise next month. I am trying to determine how much local currency to get before heading that way. I already have tours and ...


Hi there guys I have been if anybody here can help at all or have any experience of this in uae as I believe it is fairly new , I have been offered a job in Dubai , and as part ...
Hi, Can you get orange squash & other British type food (chocolate!) in Abu Dhabi?! Also best place to get groceries etc near Al Shahama? Thanks xxx
Eight of the top 10 booming economies are in Africa. How can an American citizen go about investing in countries like ghana, Tanzania, Rwanda and projects like ECO ATLANTIC in N...

2 days ago

I know that the AED is pegged to the USD at 3.67. Does anybody know what exchange rate HSBC offers for AED when sending USD out of Dubai?

3 days ago

I've just been looking into a family visit visa for a relative to come to Saudi for a few days and I see the cost is now 2,000 SAR for a single entry visa or 8,000 SAR for a 2 y...
Hello everybody, for anyone who wish to come to Tanzania and want to go to safari( serengeti, ngorongoro, tarangire, manyara, ruha, mikumi and moutain climbing kilimanjaro and z...

4 days ago

I love stories like this where someone bravely speaks up and tries to effect change: She Ran From the Cut, and Helped Thousands of Other Girls Escape, Too By Jina Moore ...

5 days ago

Hello again, I have not been able to find a straight answer anywhere. Does anyone know if the Good Conduct certificate or "Criminal Record Check" in Canada, needs to ...

6 days ago

Hi my partner is a teacher and she has accepted a job as a teacher.I am currently a bus driver in england and I was looking to see if I could do this in Dubai but I've heard thi...
Hi We are on our way back to Cape Town in June - I want to take my car with me but am worried about the duty that might be imposed by SARS - trying to ring them is a nightm...

7 days ago

Good Evening everyone, I am hoping that someone could please shine some light on this! Back in 2014, I got a conditional discharge when the UK benefits office (DWP) t...
Hello, We've just moved to Abu Dhabi, and are expecting the delivery of our container very soon. We are being asked to pay extra to transfer our belongings to a shut...

9 days ago

How disgusting! I wonder if this MP has a living Mother, a Sister, or a Daughter. Would he condone their beatings as well? Outrage as Ugandan MP says 'beat your wife' ...
Hi everyone, I  found an affordable flight ticket to spend 8 days in the Seyschelles at the end of March (over Easter). Based on your experience, do you think that one week is...

10 days ago

I'm considering a solo trip to Africa in Feb 2019 for my 40th. I'm not 100% set on the places I will go yet but right now I am thinking Seychelles, Johannesburg and Cape Town. ...
Hello allQuick question for you. Can a UK expat working in Qatar travel to Dubai ( Via Kuwait or Oman) without any issues? I have getting conflicting stories from people sayin...

12 days ago

Hi Adriana,Yes Ethiopia is under state of Emergency. Things are now getting better. But I advise you to ask this question in April.In the mean time please consult and get an u...
Hello fellow Africans I was wondering where I can find Africans who are interested in used clothing or used shoes We offer original clothing in donation bags untouche...

15 days ago

Now in my 60s, leaving Saudi in next 3 years, what is approx annual payment to catch up with missed UK pension payments? Paying for the last 5 years will give 25 years contribut...

16 days ago

Quote: The Rainbow Nation has a brand-new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, and a brand-new motion to seize White land without compensation. Zimbabwe 2.0, here we ...
Hi guys, Is it possible for us as a family to take the accomodation and package from my wife if her package is superior to mine? I have gained employment but it is ba...
We will be going to Marrakesh from Casablanca and the train schedules don't fit on our arrival time. Are there any private transfer that is not so expensive? Thanks,Loucas

17 days ago

Any idea what I can do not sure if cruise ship are doing any excursionsSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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