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A Birthday/Graduation Celebration Sister Trip!

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Stop posting for years, read avidly, come back when I've got a trip planned? Who, me?

I've been an agent for the last year but my last real trip was in 2014. No amount of research online or training can top field experience so I'd been looking for a good excuse to go back to the World.

My sister (left) and I at MNSSHP on our last trip in 2014 doing the weirdest pose a PhotoPass photographer has ever suggested.

My little sister Andrea (22) is graduating from university at the end of the month (she did a joint program and is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education, I'm so excited for her) and I thought that was the perfect reason. Her birthday is June 29th so I'm taking her down for 5 nights at Pop as a joint Graduation/Birthday present. We're also on the QS DDP.

We've never stayed at Pop, or any Value actually, so I'm actually looking forward to checking it out! We won't be in the room much though, we've got a busy schedule!

Wednesday, June 28th

We fly IAG -> MCO landing at 10:20pm, Magical Express to Pop

Thursday, June 29th

Andrea's Birthday so we're at Magic Kingdom all day!

8:40am ADR at BOG

Trader Sam's for drinks after MK closes

Friday, June 30th

Hollywood Studios for the day!

Afternoon break to hit the pool

Saturday, July 1st - Canada Day

EPCOT for the day so we can hit Canada on Canada Day

We'll probably drink around the world (responsibly of course!) because this is the first trip she's been over 21 for)

Jelly Rolls after EPCOT closes

Sunday, July 2nd

10:00am ADR at California Grill for Brunch at the Top

Animal Kingdom for the rest of the day

Monday, July 3rd

Hoping to spend a couple hours at Disney Springs in the morning before heading back to Pop to catch the Magical Express. We fly out of MCO at 4:15pm so I'm thinking they can possibly be picking us up before noon at the earliest, right? I've also never taken Magical Express before!

We're really excited to take a trip just the two of us, I think it's going to be a great excuse for us to get away from our busy lives in different cities and spend time together.


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