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25 Budget Friendly Disney Souvenirs

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I recently posted this at but wanted to share a short and sweet version with my fellow Disney addicts:

Number 1: Magnets

Magnets are awesome souvenirs that you can find in most WDW retail stores. You can?t buy the ones that they have at WDW at local stores or online. What I like most about the magnets: that they are super inexpensive and very good looking.

Number 2: Keychains

Again ? keychains are going to be a great ?Disney on a budget? souvenir and more importantly you are taking a little bit of the magic home with you that you can carry around on a daily basis. I use my magnets, keychains, and mugs to keep patient until the next trip. That brings us to the next item: Mugs

Number 3: Mugs

Are you an avid coffee drinker like me? How about tea or hot chocolate? I have a fascination with having a collection of different types of mugs and what is great is that I can get really nice ones under $10 if I look hard enough.

Disney on a budget mugs

Number 4: Mickey/Minnie Ears

You can?t go to Disney and not get a pair of ears. They come in all shapes and sizes, different themes etc. Though at first, the price tag might not seem to Disney on a budget friendly, you can purchase them once and never again, just bring them back with you every time you go to Disney.

disney on a budget Mickey Ears

Number 5: Pressed Pennies

My girlfriend is obsessed with these and for good reason. You can find pressed penny machines all over the parks from 51¢ to $1.01, talk about Walt Disney World on a budget! Pressed pennies are cheap and it?s an adventure to look out for and find the machines.

Number 6: Create your own Shadowbox

Shadowbox? must I say more? This is a simpler, cheaper scrapbook. Why wouldn?t you do this? In here you can put anything from the free guides, pressed pennies, to any celebration pins you get. What are celebration pins you ask?

Number 7: Celebration Pins

Celebration pins are free pins that Disney gives you for a specific celebration. This can be a birthday, anniversary, just married, etc. Here is the one I just got for my birthday. Again this is ?Disney free.?

disney on a budget celebration pins

Number 8: Antenna Toppers

If this is your type of thing then go for it, I know you have seen those cute mickey antenna toppers before!

Number 9: Shots anyone?!

disney on a budget shotglasses

Number 10: Disney Pins

I will start this with a warning. Some pins can be very expensive. Basically, the nicer and more elaborate ? the more expensive they are. However, those are unnecessary and not what we are looking for. Look for the multi-pack mystery boxes. You can find inexpensive pins that go well with planning your Disney vacation on a budget. The ones below are from my personal collection.

Disney on a budget Pins

Number 11: Disney Lanyards

Lanyards can be purchased from Disney and other places super cheaply. They also go well with the pins since you can put them on there and where it around. I have a few to just hold my keepsake pins as well as for my water.

disney on a budget lanyard

Number 12: Free crafts at Epcot

disney on a budget epcot Kidcot

Number 13: Epcot Passport

Purchase a passport kit at most Epcot retail locations for approximately $11. This kit includes a blank passport and stamps for each of the World Showcase countries. Stop at the Kidcot stations to learn about that specific country and receive your stamp. Not only does this fit perfectly with going to Disney on a budget but it is also something that will entertain your kids at Epcot. If you?ve been then you know how hard that can sometimes be.

Number 14: Did someone say $1?!

If you have a Dollar Tree or even Family Dollar near you, then you know how many Disney items they carry. They are great buys for kids and can be in place of any of the expensive items at the parks. $1 surpasses Disney on a budget, don?t you think? Road trip fun anyone?

Dollar Tree Disney on a budget

Number 15: Disney t-shirts from a superstore

When you get to Disney you will see everyone in their latest Disney gear. Families in matching shirts, you name it. Head over to Walmart or Target to get a nice Disney shirt for less. Don?t pay exorbitant prices at the parks!

Disney on a budget shirts

Number 16: Mr. Potatoe Head

Head over to the Once Upon a Toy store and build your Mr. Potato Head ? this is inexpensive and an adventure in itself. For the ?Disney on a budget? option buy the actual head elsewhere and only worry about the parts at Disney. Here is an amazon link.

Number 17: Autograph book

Autograph books are fantastic ?Disney on a budget? keepsakes. I have had the same one for a long time. Occasionally I?ll get newer signatures but usually, I keep it as a memento. These can be purchased at Disney, Walmart or can even be made.

Disney on a budget Autograph book

Number 18: Disney Sales

This is a big one and one of my favorites. I get an email from the Disney Store every day outlining their sale of the day. Usually, it is mediocre but sometimes it is fantastic. I recently purchased a bathing suit set for a baby (swimsuit, towel, hat, etc) for less than $20. See an actual sale below and another example from a facebook post I put up.

walt disney world on a budget disney sale

Number 19: Disney Outlet Stores

Is it weird that I go to the Disney outlet just for fun? I do. I just scored the cup below for $4.99. Now I will take it with me to Disney to be used at the parks. You will be amazed what you can find at the outlets.


Number 20: Christmas Ornaments

Disney Springs has a 365 Days of Christmas store. Head there for yourself to see the amazing ornaments that are beautiful and inexpensive. I have more than a dozen and wish I had more. Here is my favorite out of my collection.

Number 21: Disney Pens or Pencils

No need to buy this as the hotel will come with a free pen and pad of paper. However, they can also be Disney on a budget friendly gifts!

Number 22: Hand Sanitizer Holder

Disney on a budget hand sanitizer

Number 23: Vinyl Figures

Have you heard of Vinylmation? Well these vinyl figures are adorable, addictive, and perfect for Disney on a budget. Just don?t buy too many of them!


Number 24: Rolling backpack

Pretty self-explanatory. Good for a plane drive or road trip and can be purchased for under $20 from Walmart, Target, etc. Any kid would love this Disney on a budget gift!

Rolling backpack

Number 25: Disney Beach Towels!

walt disney world on a budget Disney Towels

Hope this helps everyone keep their vacation budget on track!


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