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Canadian Cities if they had American Style Ghetto's

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Ok I've been wanting to start a thread/ topic like this for a While so here goes.

What do u think Canadian Cities would look like if we had American Style Ghetto's/

Crime Hotspots? How many Murders a year do u think our Cities should or would have

if re-imagined as US Cities/ Metro Areas? Which places do u think would have to be

avoided & which types of people do u think would be the ones committing most of the Crimes

there? IE Blacks/ Hispanics/ Asians/ Whites etc.

Ok I'll go 1st.

Calgary. (Ok Folks Calgary's Region would have maybe 85 Murders a year).

For a Metro Rate of 5.1 Murder's Per 100,000 People

60 in the City itself. (For a Rate of 4.8 Per 100,000).

Our Trouble Spots would be Marlborough, Forest Lawn, Bowness, Downtown Commercial

Core, Beltline, Evergreen (& a few newer Southeast Neighborhoods/ Communities).

Together Making a Population of about 200k (& Accounting for maybe 75-80% of the total

Cities annual Murder Rate), So the Area around where just over 1 Million+ Calgarians live

would likely have only 15 to 20 Murder's.

The Major Criminals in the City would be Filipino & Sudanese Gangs. (With the odd/

occasional Somali/ Chinese guy). White's would have comparable Murder Rates

to US White Counterparts.

But anyways this is purely fictional/ fictitious in nature & I'm by no means trying to demean the US

in anyway but I just want to have fun with this to see how many

radical stories/ ideas u Canadian's might come up with. How bad do u think some

of our Cities Murder Rates could or would be if they where re-imagined as US Cities?

Post ur Comment's below, I hope to hear from u guys soon cheers!

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