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Claim against Manchester airport heeelp!

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thank you for entering in my post

I am new in this forum, I am in a process of making a claim against Manchester airport.

I had booked on-line a parking-space at jet-parks-3, this was my first time using this service in Manchester airport

I got the airport and I entred the long-stay T3 car-park since, for some reason I though the T3 long stay car park was the same car park as the Jetpark 3 car park as that was the only sign I could see.

As soon as I parked my car I did talk to one of the interlock button at the entrance, and I was told i was on the wrong car-park.

I don't know how they did allow me to enter that T3 car-park if that was not my car-park.

Anyway I did exit that car park and following my sat-nav I was trying to get jet-park-3, but because of no sign on the road I thought to make a U-turn and went back to the nearest interlock button for help.

This time I was able to get jet-park-3 but it was copletely full, cars were parked on the grass overstepping a curb.

At the end i got my check-in desk about 7min late and I missed my flight. I had to plan again all my outward jurney and did cost me almost £300 extra.

I did send an email as complainnt:

They said they provide video to get the car-park but why they didn't put that link on my email of car-park booking confirmation?

I did complain the fact that there was works on the road which deviated the way to get the car-park. They did send me a link that warns people about works on the road. Once again why they didn't put this link on my email of car park booking confirmation?

They said If the car park was at full capacity the car park barriers would not allow me to enter the car park.

I told they that, this is the worst thing that a passenger can experience, that is being unable to enter the car park on the day of his flight, in my opinion they should block the online bookings instead, when the car-park is full already.

They said that their car-parks operate by using a counter system to monitor vehicles, and the amount of available spaces are then calculated. As I was able to enter the car park, this means spaces would have been available, then they added I do appreciate they may have been harder to find.

I told them that most of the area of jet-parks 3 is cobbled with gravel on the floor, and most of the parking spaces can't be marked with white marks because of these stones, so how can they monitor the car-park using a counter system.

The only way to supervise that car-park, in my opinion, is puiting a physical person.

They said that: Finding a parking space may be hard, so why they didn't put this very important note on the email of booking confirmation?

They said that they do highly advise that every passenger should arrive at their airport a minimum of 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure of their flight.

I told them that the only link I had on my email of car-park booking confirmation was: Terms and conditions > general > on the point 18 states > We advise you allow at least 45 minutes from car park arrival to check-in. How can they lie in this way?


After a consultation with Citizen Advice Consumer Right, they suggested to send a letter to them which I did and I am wating for their reply

Have you never been in this situation? How likely I am to get my money back?

Thank you very much in advance for your help

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