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Family trip - California/Vegas/Utah in the Winter - RV/Car?

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We are a family of 4 including 2 boys ages 9 and 12. Trip starts in San Francisco and ends in Las Vegas. Boys would love to ski for 1 or 2 days (beginners level). I like the idea of mixing our trip between to big cities (San Francisco and Vegas) and small towns and National Parks.

I was planning to rent an RV from San Francisco but I was told that this is not a good idea to go to Yosemite or Death Valley by RV due to high probability of snow/ risk on the road.

So, I am considering:

a) change the route a bit (where to stop between SF and Vegas instead of Yosemite and Death Valley)

b) renting a car to go from San Francisco to Vegas. Pick RV in Vegas to go to Utah

So, I would love to hear suggestions!!!!!! Thanks a lot! Below was the first draft

We are using miles for the air tickets, this is the reason for the crazy flights!

Day WD Place Distance/time

19/dez Wed SP NY SFO Arrives in NY at 7:05am Leaves 7:30 pm. Arrives in SFO at 11pm

20/dez Thu San Francisco

21/dez Fri San Francisco

22/dez Sat San Francisco

23/dez Sun San Francisco

24/dez Mon San Francisco Alex arrives in SF

25/dez Tue San Francisco

26/dez Wed San Francisco

27/dez Thu San Francisco Pick up RV or car???

28/dez Fri Yosemite 469 km/5h48

29/dez Sat Yosemite

30/dez Sun Yosemite/Death valley 414 km/ 4h37

31/dez Mon Death valley/Las vegas 241km /2h41

01/jan Tue Vegas

02/jan Wed Vegas

03/jan Wed Vegas/zion national park 275km/3h03

04/jan Thu zion national park

05/jan Fri zion/bryce canyon national park 116km/1h20

06/jan Sat bryce canyon national park

07/jan Sun arches national park 393 km/4h09

08/jan Mon arches/monument valley 242 km/2h40

09/jan Tue monument/grand canyon 284 km/ 3h04

10/jan Wed grand canyon/las vegas 443 km/4h15

11/jan Wed vegas

12/jan Thu vegas

13/jan Fri vegas

14/jan Sat LV/Charlotte

15/jan Sun Charlotte/NY

16/jan Mon SP

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