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Feedback regarding my 3 day trip! - please help me

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I am travelling with my family and I am in charge of creating the intiniary.

I don´t want to mess up, as I am responsible for the planning - so I hoped I could get some feedback from you guys.

I would really appreciate your help - please let me know if I planned too much or if I missed something important on my route - or if you have alternative suggestions.

most important obviously is that the plan makes sense and is doable without exhausting ourselves

Our hotel is the ugly Tower Hotel by the Tower Bridge (Just so you know where we will be based)

Day 1:

we will talk past the Tower of London to St.Dunstan in the East and from there on to the Sky Gardens.

We might pass leathenhall market and maybe go to the barbican

then just walk from covent garden to the big ben

on the way back to our hotel we plan on taking the thames clipper to the tower of london, to see the sights from the river.

in the evening I am gonna meet a friend in battersea.

Day 2:

harry potter tour

in the evening we might walk to a pub along the thames - like the prospect of whitby

and on the way back to the hotel we might stop by tobacco docks

Day 3:

hampton court and then taking a boat to richmond and eating sth there.

in the evening everyone is free to do what they want.

Day 4:

maybe maltby street market.

we plane leaves at 5:35pm, so we are leaving the hotel at 3pm - using public transport

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