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Langham Hotel, Auckland - Solid stay

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Langham, Auckland


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The Langham, Auckland

83 Symonds Street, Box 2771 Auckland, NZ 1010

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The Langham, Auckland: Solid stay (13 Photos)

The Langham, Auckland

While the property is showing some signs of age and while it is larger than I'd like it to be, I had a solid stay with friendly and accommodating staff.

Check InI arrive in the very early morning, around 5.30, some 9 hours before official check-in. I am greeted and all check-in formalities are handled and staff tells me that they will do try to get me my room quickly. I am handed wifi password and the "Club introduction letter" and told it will help me get into places before I get my key and am suggested to go to the spa (opens at 6) if I'd like to freshen up efter the trip. Staff is however a bit unclear wheather or not I am allowed in the club lounge, so I decide to just sit down in the Palm court (coffee and light meals area) near the lobby.

The Palm Court is also preparing for the start of the day, and I go online to handle a few mails and other things.

Around one hour later, I recieve a text message saying my room is ready, and please come by the front desk at my earliest conveinience to collect the key. I do so and am soon on my way to ninth floor.


RoomExecutive rooms are located on 9th and 10th floor, and they include access to club lounge on 10th.

They layout of the rooms is identical to a "normal" non-club room. The room categories are such that all (non-suite) rooms are the same, with the superiors located on floors 1-4 and deluxe on 5-8.

The property was built in 1981 (as a Sheraton) and the years are beginning to show. All in all I find the room well furnished and functional. Big king bed, bathroom with bath, good size desk, sitting chair, drawers, cupboard.

While all rooms are pretty much the same, there are some touches to the decorations, like some kitschy items. Here the sideboard lamp.


Club loungeExecutive room and above gives access to club lounge. (Lounge access is also possible to purchase separately for approx 170 NZD - As this is pretty much the same as the fare difference between superior and executive rooms, I am not sure if I was quoted a room upgrade or a separate "lounge pass")

Lounge serves continental breakfast 7-10.30. There is also afternoon tea and evening drinks. During all of the day there are fruit and snacks.

Staff is friendly but annoyingly they keep on asking for my room number "for the records".

Here are a few pictures.

Loyalty recognitionAs a member of the 1865 program certain perks are afforded. One is early checkin/checkout which worked very well on this occasion.

They also usually dress up your room with a welcome gift that you can indicate in your profile what you like.

In this hotel, the room is not prepared with this upon arrival. Instead, there is an "amenities-tour" going around the hotel between 4 and 6 pm, dressing up every rooms according to members profile. While I like it better when everything is in the room upon arrival, this worked well too.

Chocolates are served on a nice decor plate (but the years are starting to show here too). Fruit and water (generic "spring" water in Langham branded PET bottles) are also served.

LocationThe hotel is slightly off-center from Auckland CBD but you can easily walk to anywhere if you are fit. Hotel also offers shuttle bus to downtown on the hour.

The hotel is served by skybus airport transfer (18NZD) and has its own stop on the route if you take the Mt Eden rd edition of the bus. If you take the Dominon rd edition, the stop is downhill from the hotel and rather inconveinient.


ServiceAs I had to go out-of-town for a day, I asked if they would store my bag overnight and return it to me the next day when I checked in again. This was easily arranged and a small detail that goes to show that the hotel is service minded.

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The Langham, Auckland: Solid stay

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