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Lawsuit: Stinky Nigerian woman kicked off United flight to SFO afterwhite man complained about her smell

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You ever smell a Nigerian?

They stink.

An African woman and her children were kicked off a United

Airlines flight after a fellow passenger complained that she had

a ?pungent? odor, according to a racial discrimination lawsuit

filed against the company.

The incident involving the passenger, a white male, happened two

years ago, when Queen Obioma, a Nigerian citizen, and her two

children were boarding a flight from Houston to San Francisco.

The family had flown from Lagos, Nigeria, and were on the second

leg of a three-flight journey to Ontario, Canada.

Obioma saw that the other passenger had sat in her assigned seat

in the business-class cabin, according to the lawsuit, which was

filed Friday in federal court in Houston. The passenger refused

to move, so a flight crew member, instead, asked Obioma to sit

elsewhere in business class.

Later, before takeoff, Obioma went to use the bathroom. On her

way back to her seat, the same passenger was standing in the

aisle and blocking her from getting to her seat, the lawsuit

says. She said ?excuse me? three times, but was ignored. After

several minutes, Obioma managed to squeeze her way to her seat.

But just after she sat down, a crew member told Obioma to go

outside the aircraft, where another employee told her that she

will be removed from the flight. The lawsuit says the pilot had

personally requested that she be removed because the male

passenger, who was not identified, had complained that her smell

was ?pungent,? and he was not comfortable flying with her.

?At that point Ms. Obioma was lost, confused and disoriented.

Her mind went blank and she was utterly befuddled,? according to

the complaint.

Obioma explained that she was taking her children to school in

Canada for the first time, and that they had appointments they

could not miss. Despite her situation, crew members refused to

let Obioma back onto the aircraft and removed the entire family

from the flight.

?Ms. Obioma watched her minor children marched out of the

aircraft like criminals, confused and perplexed. ? She sobbed

uncontrollably for a long time,? the complaint says, adding that

the children, who were seated in the economy cabin, were


United Airlines? media office did not immediately respond to a

request for comment. In a statement to the Houston Chronicle, a

spokesman said the company has not been served with the lawsuit

and is unable to comment because of the pending litigation.

The lawsuit alleges that United Airlines discriminated against

Obioma and her children during the incident March 4, 2016, at

George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston because they

were black. It also accuses crew members of singling out Obioma,

not because she was being disruptive, but because a white man ?

who refused to sit in his own assigned seat ? did not want to

share a plane with her.

The mother and her children waited for five hours before they

could get on another flight and missed their scheduled

appointments. Obioma also incurred more expenses, the lawsuit


The lawsuit is just the latest black eye for United when it

comes to customer service issues.

No it isn't. When a customer smells like urine, the rights of

the other passengers must be considered above cultural habits.

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