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Nairobi to Cape Town Questions and General Advices

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Hey there

I am planing to do the Nairobi to Cape Town Trip next year starting in October flying from Germany and iam still a bit unsure in some topics even after researching... maybe i can get some first hand experiences or adivces

1. Mosquitos etc.

I will start in the middle of October and as the Rain seasons begins in some countries do i need special trousers/shirts in natural colours or with protection against those or for example tse tse flies? How much mosquito spray did you brought?

Is an extra mosqutio net for sleeping necessary?

2. Preparing

How long in advance did you started to get the visas?

3. Sleeping Bag

Is my sleeping bag with Comfort Temperature of +16 and Tlimit +13 and Textreme +3 okay for this season? Extra inlay necessary?

4. Arriving in Nairobi

Did you get the transfer and hotel from Gadventures ?(i would go there a day early)

Do you had experienced arriving there at night?

5. Guitar

Is it okay to bring a guitar ? And do you have some "me time" in the camps even for just playing for myself because i will continue travel afterwards for about a year and as i know from previous shorter trips i would miss my guitar sooo much so i would bring a small travel guitar

6. Hand luggage / Carry on / Clothes

-As i only travel with a small backpack(40l) in the plane cabin have you experience maybe with brining mosquito spray or a guitar in there?

-I would only bring one pair of shoes beside my flipflops(Nike Downshifter) and as i did read that would be probably okay going without hiking boots are they good enough because of mosquitos, mud etc?

- One long pair of trousers enough ?

- I maybe bring a hat and maybe an scarf i got in morocco but wouldnt bring gloves...?

Sooo that was a lot to read... maybe you can help me out on some points Thank you a lot in adcance

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