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Nationwide manhunt ends, Gay Chicago professor arrested 2,000 miles away in fagland California after fatal stabbing

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OAKLAND, California-- A nationwide manhunt is over, after U.S

Marshals arrested two men wanted in connection with a fatal

stabbing at a Chicago high rise.

Two university professors were on the run, hiding for nine days,

before they were found late Friday night in California. They

were wanted in the stabbing death of 26-year-old cosmotologist

Trenton Duranleau, found dead in his apartment last week.

U.S. Marshals took Northwestern University microbiology

professor Wyndam Lathem into custody in Oakland, California. He

surrendered at a federal courthouse there. Latham was believed

to have been traveling with Oxford University employee Andrew

Warren, who also surrendered Friday, at a San Francisco police


The two men are charged with killing Duranleau, who Professor

Lathem had been living with and dating.

The stabbing was so violent that one of the knives used was

found broken in a garbage can, and police say Duranleau's body

and genitals were mutilated.

"It is a little scary that they were loose that long," neighbor

Christine Schuster explains. "You'd think it's kind of easy to

catch someone when their picture is all over the Internet."

James Laukota, another neighbor, agrees. "Guys aren't caught and

there's a murder seven floors beneath us? Kind of weird."

Adding, "Now that they're in custody, I can sleep better at


Neighbors say before the stabbing, Duranleau had wanted out of

his relationship with Latham, but Latham wasn't willing to let

him go.

It's unclear how Warren, the Oxford employee, knew those two

men. He does have a profile on Grindr, a social app for the

LGBTQ community. In it, he talks about his "passion for bondage

and torture."

The two men will go before a judge in California before being

extradited back to Chicago. Police say once they arrive, they

will be interrogated and the police department will reveal more

details about the case to the public.

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