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Celebrity Cruises -
I've been wondering about the many comments I've seen lately about the cost of a cruise on =X= going up. I recently found a website that is primarily interested in selling you a price tracking service, but will also show you historical price data for each of the mass market lines. (I'm not sure I can link directly to the site, since they are selling a service, but if you google "cruise price drop checking" you should be able to find it.)

You can only view average price per day for each of the four major cabin categories: interior, ocean view, balcony, and suite. These averages are going to leave out a lot of variables about ship, itinerary, etc., as well as lump a lot of other options into just 4 basic buckets of data, but this doesn't mean that the trends aren't interesting or valid. In most cases you can view a graph going back to 2010, but the trend line is a little tricky to get a precise read and you have to guess whether the line is on say, $180 or $190 for a given year. With these caveats about averages and imprecision out of the way, I thought I'd share a summary of what I found concerning the average prices per day for balcony cabins on =X= and other major cruise lines since 2010.

I don't claim to be an expert on math, statistics, etc., so if there is a glaring problem with my assumptions or conclusions, please be gentle.

General comments:

I'm focusing on balcony cabins, since they are the most common cabin category. However, the overall trends from one category to another, seem to generally match each other.

Prices across all cruise lines have been increasing steadily since 2010, but Celebrity has indeed seen the largest percentage increase in price.

I will note the price for 2010, 2013, and 2016 to give you a sense of the trend, as well as the overall percent change in price from 2010 to 2016. (For Disney, data only goes back to 2012)

All prices are average price per day for a balcony class cabin, across the entire fleet.


2010: $180

2013: $225

2016: $280

Percent change: 43%


2010: $225

2013: $225

2016: $250

Percent change: 10.5%


2010: $180

2013: $190

2016: $225

Percent change: 22%


2010: $190

2013: $200

2016: $210

Percent change: 10%


2010: $150

2013: $160

2016: $170

Percent change: 12.5%


2012: $275

2014: $300

2016: $375

Percent change: 30%

Final thoughts:

In 2010, Celebrity's average price was lower than Princess and comparable to NCL and RCCL.

By 2013, Celebrity's average price was tied with Princess, and now significantly more than RCCL or NCL.

In 2016, Celebrity's average price was $30 higher than Princess and was the second most expensive line overall. Only Disney was higher.

Three lines: Princess, RCCL, and Carnival, managed to keep their price increases over the last six years to a modest 10%-12%.

NCL and Disney saw larger increases of 22% and 30% respectively, while Celebrity's prices rose a whopping 43%.

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