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Relocating - Possible to live in NYC and park in JC?

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Hi everyone!

I've been combing these forums for the past couple days, looking for anything that could help me with my upcoming move. The info I've found has been incredibly helpful and I am very excited for this new job that'll put me in the NJ/NY area!

Here is my questionnaire:

Where are you coming from?

Charleston, SC. Beautiful and amazing city, but it's time for something a bit bigger. I'm originally from the northern VA/DC suburbs.

Why are you moving?

New job! I'll be doing up to 75% travel, which is what is driving this concern...

Where will you be working ? If NYC, what part of NYC?

Varies, I'll be going site-to-site. This requires me to have a car, as well as be decently close to Newark airport.

Will you buy or rent?

Definitely rent.

What is your budget ?

Trying to stay under $1,700. I'd prefer 1BR just to try it out but I'm fine with roommates, been living with them my whole life.

What kind of place are you looking for ?

An apartment that will really give me that "city life" experience that I've been missing out this whole time. I've grown up in suburbs and throughout many visits to cities all over the world, I now want to see what all the fuss is about.

Will anyone (spouse, children, pets) be moving with you ?

Nope, just me.

Do you need/want good public schools?


Briefly describe the kind of neighborhood you'd like to live in

(examples: families with young children, young, mature, artsy, diverse, safe, close-knit, block parties, etc)

Preferably a lively, young neighborhood. As a single, mid-20's male, I'm wanting to have that social life when I'm not working.

List three things that are important to you in order of importance.(examples: nightlife, outdoor activities, rural/urban, safety, downtown area, charming, new construction, proximity to XYZ, family oriented, easy parking, short commute, etc)

Easy parking, nightlife, and quick trip into NYC.

The way I see it, I have 3 options:

1. Rent a place in Manhattan. I have a buddy who will also be looking for a place come May (when I'm moving), and we've been talking about getting a lease somewhere.

2. Rent a place in Jersey City or Hoboken. Seems like a good compromise of being close to the city but having (easier) access to my car.

3. Rent a place in Morristown. I get that this is going to be the suburbia I've grown used to, but it is more of my backup just in case the first 2 options really don't work out.

The problem with #1 is that I will definitely not want to (nor afford) parking my car in the city. Therefore, I've thought about paying for a monthly parking garage in JC, so that when I need it, I could "commute" to my car from Manhattan and then go wherever I need to. On a similar note, public transportation to Newark airport would be easy as well. Is this something that sounds doable? I'm willing to sacrifice a little convenience for the opportunity to live in NYC. Like I mentioned, I'll be doing 75% travel so I wouldn't have to do this "commute" anymore than 1-2 times per week.

Jersey City/Hoboken would be a good in-between, still retaining a city lifestyle but having slightly easier access to my car.

And of course, Morristown would be no problem. However, I have trouble justifying paying just as much rent to live out there than it would be for a pretty much equal place in JC!

Thanks very much for your help!

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