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Rumor and Upcoming Timeline Tracker

WDW Parks News and Rumors | WDWMAGIC - Unofficial Walt Disney World discussion forums -

- Epcot is getting a major update that will have several phases that will run from 2017 to 2020 [official]

- A push to include more IPs (Intellectual Properties) into Epcot [strong]

- a 'new name' for Epcot... probably going with all caps and maybe some sort of prefix or suffix, e.g., Disney EPCOT, or EPCOT Center

- Entrance / Central Spine

- as a 'phase I' project likely to happen first: a major re-do of the entrance and the central hub of Future World and Innoventions (and maybe the phrase 'Future World' and 'Innoventions' won't survive) [maybe starting 2017]. Say good bye to the memorials out front. by Oct 2021.

- Future World pavilions:

- a Guardians of the Galaxy ride taking over Ellen's Energy Adventure (greenlit), however, new tech of the coaster has pushed the project back to 2021

- something with Imagination... maybe

- Mission:Space will get updated screens and one (or more) new missions. It is going into this summer for two months and the update will take place then, or, this will be a preliminary refurb and the updates happen later

- some refurbs for Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, Living Seas

- and maybe one more new attraction

- Wonders Pavilion is up in the air: more Guardians, or something else, or demolished [- World Showcase- Ratatouille ride has beat out Beauty and the Beast at the French Pavilion. Greenlit. Its installation is pushed sooner because GotG was pushed later. in 2020, 1-2Q. [very strong

- possibility that the queue for Rat will take over some or all of Impressions de France

- a possible new national pavilion, to be Brazil (with attached attraction/ride- a simple ride coming to UK, B or C, several options in contention. [strong, Poppins is a contender - at least one more (maybe two) new ride in the World Showcase [strong

- maybe Coco added to Gran Fiesta ride in Mexico [strong, 2020]

- Canada's 360 to go digital / an addition to Canada that was considered is now most likely off the table [- American Adventure film to go digital with the unfortunate ending [Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods being updated [- a major update, or complete replacement of Illuminations [strong summer 2019, possibly or even probably including dronesDisney Hollywood Studios- Both Star Wars Lands will open in 2019 [official

- it was officially announced on Feb 7, 2017 that both SWLs will open in 2019

- The rumor is that Anaheim will open in the Summer and Orlando near the end of the year.

- A small possibility of a third ride added to SWL [- The Millennium Falcon ride (code: Big Bird) will be a simulator ride. Riders can affect the course of their ship (fly cleanly or bang around). pods will seat 6 and rotate slowly on four carousels for loading/unloading. outside of pod.- Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studio, currently being built- Rumor is 2018 opening- A small possibility of a third ride added to TSL [- Tower of Terror will not get the Guardians of the Galaxy overlay that the one in Anaheim is getting [confirmed by Bob Chapek- Mickey Ride replacing (not overlaying) the Great Movie Ride (3-4Q. Starting this August) [- The contract with TMC was ended early by TWDC [- Star Tours- Star Tours will get a scene from Ep. 8, planet of Crait [official- Star Tours will get a scene from Ep. 9 in 2019 and still be around for a year or two after that [ however, there once was talk of "2 new areas" in the planning stages which are now off the boards

- A possible new boat ride

- Hollywood Studios is still getting an unknown name change, but that seems to be held off until the new Lands are completed. What an adventure!

Magic Kingdom

- Wishes fireworks to be replaced on May 12, 2017: Ever After [official

- Night Time Parade

- Get a new night time parade back... sometime (a slim possibility of a borrowed parade, or, the one meant for the 50th rushed into production for 2017 or 2018)

- Festival of Fantasy didn't turn out to work well at night, so, not used. Though, an iteration of Move It Shake It was moved to early evening.

- Magic Kingdom 50th (2021)

- Eventual replacement for "Happily Ever After" (the replacement of "Wishes")

- Have something new in each park by the 50th other than the stuff already publicly announced

- Frontierland refresh was associated with 50th celebration, but seems to be back-burnered

- "50 Things" marketing campaign will take place to list 50 new things added to the parks in celebration of the 50th

- Tomorrowland refresh: while nothing has been announced, this is definitely happening since it's already started with paint jobs and the seasonal closure of Stitch. However, the plans have not been finalized and there are several contenders, and so, competing ideas keep getting leaked

- We've already seen the boulders and Carousel of Progress get a new paint job... so they're staying. And the paint job is a hint of what's to come, as well as the new Joffrey's. And rocks will be getting new lighting, like Space Mountain recently received.

- We've already seen Stitch's Great Escape go into seasonal mode. It was going to be a Wreck It Ralph ride (like Minions/Simpson in Universal), but that is nixed. Some other IP is going there. (by 2019? 2020?)

- Speedway is changing: they're still debating whether to give it an overlay, truncate it, or completely replace it

- maybe a Candy Rush Racer (from Wreck It Ralph)

- in conjunction with Tron coaster

- Other stuff: Insiders hint that there are several other significant changes coming, but won't say what so as to protect their sources.

- Tron coaster is a contender, but not a top one [- There will be 2-3 new rides [- Adventureland- Tiki Room: a possible contender of multiple plans is to replace Tiki Room with something else. Multiple sources say such a plan, along with others, exists [- no new builds expected [the Tiki Exterior will remain even if the interior changes [Animal Kingdom (2021)- Opening Timeline (Mar - May 2017)- Small unknown addition- A new non-Gondola and non-bus way to link AKL with AK in in the works (years away)Resorts- Designation of Value, Moderate, and Deluxe being done away with. Rooms priced as the market will bear. Multiple criteria will be considered in pricing: closeness to a park, size of room, theming, amenities, etc.... Computer searching for price range replaces cost tiers.- Tower being built in Coronado Springs. High end / business suites. Top story viewing-restaurant. Room refurbs, landscaping update. [official- Caribbean- Centertown update with more retail and dining. [official- DVC for Caribbean (deluxe, not moderate). Most likely a new section / tower with a new related theme and a gondola lift station. [- Whole bunch of rumored new projects, most of them DVC. Some bantered about:- A Star Wars theme? [strong, corroborated by official survey about such a resort- Brand new complexes in Epcot entrance area [likely- Swolphin tower on Fantasia Gardens parking lot, tennis court, and cabanas (but not the miniature golf) [likely- Another tower for Contemporary [weak

- Another resort near Poly and Shades of Green [very weak]

In General / Park Wide

- 33 combing to WDW parks

- More S.E.A. backstory to several current rides and attractions is the for Explorers and Adventurers. New rides/venues should be coming that incorporate the S.E.A. story more

- Miss Adventure Falls family raft flume that opened in spring of 2017 is an example

- Gondola Lift!

- This is verified by around 5 insiders, permits, the beginning of construction, and documents the Orlando Sentinel obtained.

- It will connect POP/AoA and Caribbean with DHS/Epcot. And likely raise the prices there.

- Will it be installed in other places? plans right now, but, always a possibility if it works out well.

- Not Gondolas!

- of new mass transit that is not bus, gondola lift, not monorail, not rail; whatever it is, it's years away [likely]

- AI driven buses, vans, cars?.... <silence>

Disney Springs

- DisneyQuest is finally closing down on July 3, 2017 to be replaced with the NBA Experience. This will entail a complete gutting of DQ. [official]

Disneyland / CA

- The area around GotG:MB (which was rumored to be a new Marvel Land) recently got a budget cut. [

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