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Save 20% on Carnival gift cards $50 for $40 at KROGER

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Save 20% on Carnival gift cards $50 for $40 at KROGER

I just went to Kroger grocery store last night and got $50 worth of Carnival gift cards for only $40. It was easy peasy.

Plus, I think you get 2x fuel points always on gift cards. 100 points = 10cents off per gallon of gas at participating Shell stations. You can earn up to $1 off at Kroger stations (not all stores have fuel stations, you can search for locations on the kroger website). Plus, charge it on a credit card that earns reward points, and it's a triple dipper !!

Basically, this is how you get this Carnival gift card deal ...

- Log in to your Kroger acct online If you don't have one, register for one (we didn't have one so I registered).

- Link your Kroger Plus rewards card to your online acct.

- Click on savings > digital coupons near upper left, then search for Carnival in the search bar.

- When it pulls up the $10 off coupon, click Load to Card. (This is a coupon, you don't need to use points or anything to get this).

- Go to your nearest Kroger store and get two Carnival gift cards from the gift card display rack. You must purchase 2 gift cards to get this deal.

- At the register, tell them you want $25 on each gift card, which is the lowest amount allowed for the Carnival gift cards. When they scan your Kroger card, it will automatically ring the $10 off coupon into the register. You can choose higher denominations if you like, but it dilutes your savings (i.e. 50 for 40=20% savings, if you purchased two cards for 50 each, then 100 for 90=10% savings)

- I think this coupon expires 5-16-15, so do this right away. Also, my Kroger did not have a whole lot of Carnival gift cards available in the store. Once they sell out, I doubt they will get more in time to get this deal ??

- This coupon can only be used once per rewards card/account

Note: they do have discounts on other gift cards as well right now ...

$20 Dominos gift card for $16

$5 off two $25 or more Bath & Body Works gift cards ($50 for $45)

$5 off two $25 or more Applebee's gift cards ($50 for $45)

$15 off two $25 or more Groupon gift cards ($50 for $35)

$5 off two $25 or more Michael's gift cards ($50 for $45)

$5 off Yankee Candle gift cards

$5 off one $25 or more Fandango gift card

$10 off two $25 or more Payless gift cards ($50 for $40)

$5 off two Aeropostale gift cards

$10 off two $25 or more Spafinder gift cards ($50 for $40)

$5 off one $25 or more Skype gift card ($25 for $20)

$10 off two Jiffy Lube gift cards totaling $50 or more ($100 for $90)

Unfortunately, I missed out on the 4x fuel points on gift cards special they ran thru Tuesday. I didn't even know before now that Kroger had fuel points. We never have even used ours !

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